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The older I get, the more I realize people don't make things with their hands anymore. There is something so beautiful to me about the analog process; it brings awareness to where things come from and the energy it takes to create it.


Mikey Passion Project-4.jpg

step one:

prepare the dye bath

Preparing a dye bath varies on the fabric material and the dye source.  Because I use natural dyes, I pick natural fabrics to work with. Fibers like cotton and linen are much easier color when using delicate dye material. 


Typically, I’ll soak the dye material in water for 60 minutes. After that, I place it in a large pot and simmer for about 90 minutes before it’s ready to use. 

After straining the dye source from the water, I put the pre-washed and pre-soaked fabric into the bath. The first 15 minutes I’m sure to stir the fabric continuously to make sure the dye soaks the fabric evenly. Depending on the dye and the thickness of the fabric, I boil the fabric between 1-5 hours. 

*fabric picture is dyed with hibiscus 

dye fabric

step two:

Mikey Passion Project-14.jpg

making the pattern

step three

I make my own patterns so I can control how everything fits. I use clothing I already own to copy the shapes of pieces that I like, and then I alter it to make it new.

After making the pattern, I sew a sample using cheap fabric to make sure the pattern is correct before cutting my good fabric.

Mikey Passion Project-5.jpg

I fold the fabric on the selvage edge and make sure there are no wrinkles. I pin down each piece to the fabric; pinning about every two inches. 

*fabric picture is dyed with avacado pits

cut out fabric using pattern

step four:

Mikey Passion Project-11.jpg
Mikey Passion Project-27.jpg

During this step, I spend a lot of time unpicking things I just sewed. One time I also sewed through my finger.

I frequently try the clothing on to see how it hangs on my body. 

*fabric picture is dyed with tumeric

sew the thing

step five:

step six: 

finishing touches

When finishing edges on the product, using an iron really helps. Pressing down the fabric can help you control tight edges and ensure everything is even on long stitching (like on a hem). 

Mikey Passion Project-20.jpg
Mikey Passion Project-22.jpg


reusable canvas bag



high-neck, wrist ties

dolman sleeve detail
swing dress


denim, leather

black a-line dress

exposed zipper

3/4 sleeves

white cordoroy

large front pockets

jumper style


Photography by Caroline Burke & Sarah Anderson

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